Free yourself from the hard work, responsibility, and stress of entertaining by hiring one of our talented chefs to deliver quality fine dining restaurant dishes. Sit back, relax and be a guest in your own home, as our chef brings expertise and the finest ingredients to your kitchen. What’s more, they will prepare and cook the most delicious, exquisite dinner party meals for you and your guests, so you can spend quality time with your guests.

Dinner Parties and Guests numbers will vary due to ongoing changes to government COVID-19 guidelines

How it works

Design your own menu from our carefully hand-picked dishes
Select the quantity you wish our chef to cook for (minimum of 6 guests maximum of 26)* subject to current guidelines 
We request that all guests have the same menu
Allergy requirements – please highlight these in your message box when checking out
Add your finishing touches
Once you have chosen your menu and added your finishing touches please let us know your preferred date and time you would like to hold your dinner party
This can be added to your message box when completing your request
Send us your request for us to look over, and we will confirm your booking within 24hours.
Payment is only taken once we have confirmed your booking 

Whats included

Our talented Chef and Butler will arrive 2 hours ahead of your dinner party to set up, and yes they will clear up too 😊
Full Three Course Menu created by the team at ‘Ben Tenenblat’ including homemade breads.
Delivery and Collection
*Our prices are based on a four hour dinner party and exclude VAT

The Need to know

Your chef and butler will be assigned to you and will call you 48 hours before your dinner party to confirm any last minute changes you may have
China and cutlery, should you not choose to add these items our chef will gladly work with your homeware.

COVID -19 

We are in direct contact with local government and following guidance regarding COVID-19 Health and Safety procedures in and around the home, whilst also taking personal guidance from you, the client.

 Chefs, butlers and any delivery staff will attend your dinner party wearing, aprons, masks, visors and gloves.

Any third party items such as glassware and linen will arrive thoroughly sanitised and sealed, all food will be double wrapped and sealed and having been prepared in a 5 star hygiene awarded kitchen 

For more information or any questions you might have, please feel free to contact us

Whats required from you

Not much but just a few basics!
A clean kitchen with adequate surface space
Basic kitchen equipment (oven, stove, pots, pans, sharp knives and chopping boards)
Any specific items required will be discussed in advance of your dinner party
*As we are kosher supervised we will not be able to provide any kitchen equipment or utensils, all our food will come in domestic foil containers
Start to create your Dinner Party menu





Ben Tenenblat Ltd will not be responsible for any damage or breakages caused during the event, Food safety or Kashrut once the food has been dropped off to your house.

You as the client must inform Ben Tenenblat Ltd of any known dietary or allergy requirements ahead of the dinner party as we will not be able to accommodate any changes on the night. 

The food supplied should in any case be consumed within two days after the dinner party, Ben Tenenblat cannot take responsibility for food which has been subjected to a lack of temperature control or any subsequent treatment or reheating. It is important that all cooked food whether it is to be eaten cold or hot should not remain at a temperature above 80c for more than 3 hours as this may lead to food poisoning. We have a zero tolerance to abuse or verbal abuse and any such behaviour to any staff during the course of the dinner party will not be tolerated 


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