General Information

Our Suppliers 

We have hand picked a selection of suppliers that we at Ben Tenenblat work closely with, all products and ingredients are of the highest standard and will compliment any kosher home.

Please note that Ben Tenenblat Ltd will not be held responsible for any product supplied through a third party supplier in relation to kashrut, quality and Hygiene.

Ben Tenenblat Ltd is merely acting as an agent on your behalf.

Cooked Items

All our cooked items will be delivered frozen and should be thawed before cooking. each item will come with full cooking instructions, all allergens and ingredients are listed on our site and on the product label.

All our cooked items are prepared in a kitchen that may contain traces of Nuts, Sesame, Celery, Gluten, Mustard, Soya and Bones

All cooked items that have been prepared by Ben Tenenblat Ltd in their kitchens are dairy free

Storage & Reheating Instructions

Keep frozen products below -18°C.


Thawing procedure: Please place items in a fridge and allow to fully thaw before reheating 

All cooking instructions  are a guideline only, Please ensure that all food is pipping hot throughout before serving and only reheat once.

Please take extra care when remove hot food from the oven, steam may occur when removing any lids or films.


Ben Tenenblat has held a 5 star rating with Barnet council since opening his doors  in 2013. we work closely with our colleagues at Barnet in maintaining a high standard of food safety.

Our current rating can be found below:


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